Begun with a handful of dedicated lay persons at Attappadi, in the year 1998, the Sehion Ministries, under the spiritual guidance or Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, and with the Apostolic blessings and support of the Bishop of Palakkad, Mar Jacob Manathodath, has by now been able to spread its evangelizational activities by launching 30 different Ministries catering to the spiritual needs of the faithful in India and abroad.

One of Sehion Ministries’ important spiritual services is SEHION TELEVISION ministry, intended to cater to the spiritual needs via visual media. It was during a Retreat at St. Martin De Porres Retreat Centre at Angamaly, the initial prompt from the Spirit of the Lord emerged, signalling to commence a Media Wing. On the 17th December 2004, SEHION TELEVISION was blessed to commence by Mar Jacob Manathodath, Bishop of Palakkad in the presence of Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil and other priests and missionaries of Sehion.

Thereafter, under the able leadership of Br. Sabu Kasargod, God has blessed SEHION TELEVISON to produce many spiritual programs in the visual media. On the 3rd April, 2005, the first episode of ‘ABHISEKAGNI’ was telecast from Shalom T.V. As per the reports from the authorities of telecast of this program, currently a multitude of more than twentyfive lakhs of faithful are watching ‘ABHISHEKAGNI’ every Sunday, telecast at 8.30am IST.

It was on the 29th April 2007, the ‘MARANATHA’ program has begun to be telecast in Jeevan T. V.

In Divine T.V., the program titled, ‘EL SHADDAI’ was first telecast on 14th March 2009.

God blessed the Media Wing, later, to initiate the official live telecast of spiritual services of Sehion, via www.sehion.org/webTV, from the website of Sehion-www.sehion.org.

Another initiative the SEHION TELEVISION had been blessed with was to commence the audio programs via www.sehionradio.org

It was in 2013, the possibilities of widening the viewership of spiritual programs of SEHION MINISTRIES were channelled through the social media networks, formulated by SEHION TELEVISION. Nearly two lakhs of people around the world are at present joining to view the visual short message programs of Sehion at its official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Sehionministries.

All the spiritual services led by Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil are at present made available via Youtube:www.youtube.com/sehionvideo.

God is continually blessing all efforts of SEHION TELEVISON in its errand of spreading the Good News, availing all opportunities in the audio-visual media, so that more people all around the world can realise the True Faith. This great mission of bringing more souls for the Lord is being continued with the whole-hearted supports and blessings from the Bishop of Palakkad, Mar Jacob Manathodath, and with the spiritual initiatives of Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil.